Rick Brown Chiropractic - Grow Daily...Spirit, Mind and Body
"I came in with leg and knee problems and went home feeling like new.  I am so very pleased with Dr. Brown.  I strongly recommend his services!  He is the greatest, and the office staff is so pleasant.  I have already recommended him to others and will continue to do so." 
 Ruthie - A Very Happy, Satisfied Patient
"I had never known back pain until one morning this past Summer.  I went to bed feeling fine and in the morning I awoke with the most excrutiating back pain. My first thoughts were to schedule an appointment with my primary physician, however I decided to try the chiropractic approach instead.  I showed up at Dr. Brown's office and am so glad that I did.  That was by far the best decision!  My back is fine now and I've returned to my normal activities. 
I recommend Dr. Brown to anyone that complains of back pain.  I've also utilized the Infrared Sauna and absolutely love to take advantage of the health benefits that it provides.  I've also started taking various vitamins and supplements offered by Dr. Brown.  I feel so much better and I'm on my way to feeling great!!"                                                   
                                     Tammy - So glad I chose the chiropractic approach!
Approximately 2 years ago I had suffered with severe neck pain.  Each day was difficult for me to get through.  I'm a care giver for my husband and I needed to get back to a normal life.  We're snow birds from New York and had heard of Dr. Rick Brown.  I made an appointment and had several treatments.  The treatments and his care have made me pain free!  Thank you Lord and thank you Dr. Rick Brown! 
                                       Carol - Thankful to be pain free!